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Job Description


Software Engineer - Network


Coho Data

Date Posted: 

February 26, 2015



Job Description

About Us:

Coho's engineering team is smart, enthusiastic, highly qualified and motivated to change the datacenter from the ground up. The team is a great combination of PhDs and experienced, pragmatic, practical and productive engineers, who collaborate in a high-trust environment with the hardware and software resources available to do excellent work.

Joining Coho is an opportunity to experience first-hand the growth of a dynamic high-tech startup, to make your own contribution and see it ship in a highly sophisticated product to real customers.

We have a fantastic workplace environment and we highly value our staff. Our espresso machine is outstandingly good and we are fully committed to excellence in all variety of important beverages.


  • Network design, implementation, test and optimization for high performance storage systems.

  • Software development.

  • Performance analysis.


  • Strong understanding of TCP/IP Networking and Distributed Systems fundamentals.

  • Strong C and python programming skills and experience.

  • Linux and git experience is a plus.

  • Development experience with high-performance TCP/IP networking stacks is an asset.

  • Experience with chipset-level APIs on modern Ethernet chips (Trident/Broadcom, Fulcrum/Intel) is a plus.

  • Hands-on knowledge of software defined networking and OpenFlow is a strong asset.

  • Open Source software development experience is also a plus.

How to apply:

Strong applications will include a brief cover letter that tell us a little bit about your background, and what interests you in joining the team at Coho.

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Software Engineer - Network

Coho Data


Job Posted:  Feb 26, 2015

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Apr 1, 2015

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Apr 1, 2015


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