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NewspaperDirect Launches New ePublishing Technology
Wednesday, June 8, 2005

NewspaperDirect Launches New ePublishing Technology


Vancouver, BC, June 8, 2005--(T-Net)--NewspaperDirect, Inc. has announced a major upgrade to its leading service PressDisplay.com, which currently provides ePaper solutions to over 200 newspapers and magazines worldwide.

SmartNavigation at PressDisplay.com combines the traditional look and feel of a newspaper with advanced digital tools, bringing the online newspaper reading experience to an entirely new level. Advanced tools include: table of contents, article text view, jumps to article continuation and instant translation into ten major languages. As part of the new platform, NewspaperDirect also introduced PressReader v 2.0, the new application for offline newspaper and magazine reading.

The new version creates the foundation for a complete new line of products and services as well as business models, employing the next generation of technology for newspaper and magazine publishers and their readers.

“This new platform will allow us to provide publishers with a wide range of zero cost operational solutions, while continuing to increase their audited paid circulation and readership numbers,” said NewspaperDirect CEO Alexander Kroogman. “We are setting a new standard for ePublishing solutions, by leveraging technology better than the competition and creating new ways of meeting the needs of readers and publishers locally and globally.”

At the time of the release, two newspapers were fully converted to SmartNavigation mode: The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times.

About NewspaperDirect and PressDisplay.com

Founded in 1999, NewspaperDirect (www.newspaperdirect.com), based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is the world leader in digital delivery and local printing of same-day newspapers from around the world. With over 270 newspaper titles, and a global network of over 400 print locations in more than 70 countries, NewspaperDirect delivers to hotels, libraries, cruise ships, corporate offices, retail outlets, home subscribers and web browsers everywhere. The company has grown globally by establishing a partner network with over 50 licensed partners operating on six continents. NewspaperDirect also provides internet users with direct access to their favourite newspaper online through PressDisplay.com, which leverages the company’s extensive content base and leading edge technology.

For more information please contact:

Jessica Delaney, NewspaperDirect Digital Product Coordinator
Email: jessica@newspaperdirect.com
Phone: +1 (604) 278 4604 ext. 246

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Posted: Jun 8, 2005

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