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ACL Services Joins Open Compliance & Ethics Group
Friday, November 30, 2007

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Vancouver, BC, November 30, 2007--(T-Net)--Audit Analytics technology provider ACL Services Ltd. announced it has joined the Open Compliance & Ethics Group as a member of OCEG’s Technology Council.

OCEG helps organizations align their governance, compliance and risk management activities to drive business performance and promote integrity. The OCEG Technology Council was formed to address strategic, operational and technical issues that professionals face when applying IT to governance, risk, compliance (GRC) and ethics management. ACL will contribute its domain expertise, working alongside organizations such as ACL implementation partner Deloitte and ACL technology partner SAP.

“We are pleased to invite ACL Services, a leader in audit solutions for over 20 years, to join OCEG’s Technology Council. ACL’s experience in leveraging audit technology to facilitate effective GRC strategies will provide a valuable perspective,” says Lane Leskela, Vice President, Technology Programs, OCEG.

The Technology Council meets twice each year at the OCEG IT Forum to discuss key issues facing GRC and IT professionals and to share the findings and progress of the program working groups. The Technology Council develops and evolves strategic and technical resources to help IT and Business professionals improve the practice of GRC within their organizations.

Harald Will, President & CEO, ACL Services Ltd. says “OCEG and the Technology Council are charting the way for a streamlined approach to managing GRC strategy throughout the enterprise. Organizations face an ever-increasing volume of data that needs to be scrutinized to ensure comprehensive audit coverage. With greater demands on audit resources, organizations need a cost-effective way to leverage their existing audit technology investment in support of increasing GRC requirements. We look forward to participating with OCEG to develop working standards that can be used across industries to promote audit best practices.”

ACL will contribute on various projects that intersect with audit, including the Technology Council’s XML Project, focusing on modeling, mapping and testing the entities in a GRC backbone that are exchanged between IT systems in an open XML/UML schema. In addition, ACL will also contribute to benchmarking and best practices development for audit technology application.

To listen to an ACL webinar with Deloitte’s Lee Dittmar speaking on the raised bar on governance, risk and compliance (GRC), and how this impacts information technology, visit: www.acl.com/grcwebinar

About the Open Compliance & Ethics Group (OCEG)
OCEG has a straightforward, ambitious and timely mission: to help organizations align their governance, compliance and risk management activities to drive business performance and promote integrity.

OCEG is a nonprofit organization that uniquely seeks to help organizations drive performance by enhancing corporate culture and integrating governance, risk management, and compliance processes through its work in developing guidelines and standards, a community of practice, and evaluation criteria and benchmarks. www.oceg.org

About ACL Services Ltd.
ACL Services Ltd. is the leading global provider of Audit Analytics to financial executives, compliance professionals, and auditors. Combining market-leading data analysis software and professional services expertise, ACL solutions give organizations confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the transactions and the effectiveness of the internal controls underlying increasingly complex business operations.

Since 1987, ACL's proven technology has enabled financial decision-makers to assure controls compliance, reduce risk, detect fraud, minimize losses, enhance profitability, and achieve fast payback. ACL delivers its solutions in more than 130 countries through a global network of ACL offices and channel partners. Our customers include 70 percent of the Fortune 500 companies and over two-thirds of the Global 500, as well as hundreds of national, state, and local governments, and the Big Four public accounting firms. www.acl.com

For more information, contact:

Beth Hardy, Public Relations
ACL Services Ltd.
Phone: 604 669 4225

ACL Services Ltd.

Vancouver, BC (InfoTech)
177 Employees In BC (213 Total)
Founded: 1987

About ACL ACL delivers technology solutions that are transforming audit and risk management to give organizations unprecedented control over their business. www.acl.com

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ACL Services Ltd.

Posted: Nov 30, 2007

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