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Pender Financial Acquires Securities in Icron Technologies
Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Vancouver, BC, March 31, 2011--(T-Net)--Pender Financial Group Corporation announced that it has purchased an additional 750,000 shares (3.38% of Icron's issued shares) of Icron (TSX-V: IT) under a private agreement with an unrelated party. 

The purchase was completed through the facilities of the TSX Venture Exchange and at a purchase price of Cdn$0.48 per share. Together with its existing holdings, Pender Financial now has ownership of and control over 3,897,600 shares of Icron. This constitutes 17.542% of Icron's issued shares. The shares were acquired for investment purposes.

Together with Kelly Edmison, President and CEO of Pender Financial and William Rand, a Director of Pender Financial, (collectively the "Group"), the Group beneficially owns and exercises control or direction over 5,302,653 shares, which is 23.867% of the outstanding shares of Icron.

About Pender Financial Group Corporation

Pender Financial Group Corporation is a privately held company that focuses on technology companies based in British Columbia.

Icron Technologies Corporation

Burnaby, BC (Other Tech Sectors)
46 Employees In BC (46 Total)
Founded: 1998 | Revenues: $19.00 Million

Icron Technologies (TSX-V:IT) is an innovative leader in the development and manufacturing of high performance video and USB extension solutions for commercial and industrial markets worldwide.

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Icron Technologies Corporation

Posted: Mar 31, 2011

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