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Technology Futures: Archive

By Mike Volker


January 13, 2012: 2012 International CES Coverage
Mike Volker provides coverage of the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show and Conference in Las Vegas after making his annual pilgrimage there.


May 27, 2011: Don't Do Stock Options - Do Shares Instead
If you’re a growing company and you want to attract talent by dealing them in, Mike Volker tells you why you should be giving them shares instead of stock options.


October 1, 2010: You Don't Need to Be Rich to Invest With Angels
Upon attending a
presentation by Rob Wiltbank of Willamette University, Mike Volker discusses the need to create more mechanisms to allow wanna-be angels to participate in angel investing.


May 14, 2010: Stock Option Headache for Entrepreneurs
Mike Volker discusses the March 4th Federal Budget's detrimental rule change regarding taxation on stock options and presents a solution


February 13, 2009: Hot Companies: Ready to Rocket 2009
Last week, Mike attended Rocket Builders' annual "Ready to Rocket" seminar at which Geoffrey Hansen presented his firm's picks for the top 25 technology ventures in BC.


December 22, 2008: The Skinny on Angel Investing
Mike gives us the skinny on angel investing and reports some findings that might surprise you - especially how well we're doing here in B.C. relative to Silicon Valley. But, for both investors and entrepreneurs, it's not as rosy as we'd like to believe.

November 3, 2008: Investing in BC's New Power Producers
Mike Volker profiles three of BC's publicly traded power companies and shares why he thinks it's a good time to make some energy investments.

January 25, 2008: Hot Companies: Ready to Rocket 2008
Last week, Mike attended Rocketbuilders' annual "Ready to Rocket" seminar where he interviewed Geoffrey Hansen about his firm's picks for the top 25 infotech ventures in BC.


May 18, 2007: VC in BC: Investments in tech ventures exceed $1 billion in 2006
Amazed at the number of new startups and investors around the province, Mike Volker writes an update on Venture Capital in British Columbia.

July 1, 2006: Tech Startups graduating with better grades

In Tech Futures, Mike Volker notes that the quality and quanity of new tech startups is getting better all the time. Local initiatives such as the VANTEC angel network have contributed to this by providing the resources needed for successful commercialization. His own fund, WUTIF, has made 31 investments in 22 companies in 20 months.


April 7, 2006: Patents - a New Asset Class? The World's First Patent Auction

What's your idea worth? What's a patent worth? This past week, Mike Volker attended the "World's First Patent Auction" in San Francisco and writes about it in his Technology Futures column.


September 30, 2005: Entrepreneurship Rocks in BC, It's about "TIME" for Tech Startups, and WUTIF Angel Fund in action

In Technology Futures, Mike Volker talks about the increase in entrepreneurship in BC citing various examples and new initiatives for entrepreneurs and investors.


June 13, 2005: A Better Model for Commercializing IP and How You, Too, Can Cash In!

In this month's column, Mike Volker is going to suggest a new, holistic approach for technology commercialization. The current emphasis placed on pushing intellectual property (IP) out into the marketplace is not effective. There's a better way and it's one that you, too, can participate in.


Mar 28, 2005: Angel Investors Hit Pay Dirt with Aspreva

In this month’s Technology Futures column, Mike Volker comments on Aspreva’s recent IPO mainly as an example of how early stage investing is supposed to work and the role of angel investors and angel funds and how you could get in on the real early action. And, just for fun, a few of the world's super wealthiest are identified just in case you are looking for some really deep pockets.

Feb 28, 2005: Innovative New Fund Initiatives and Budget Notes

In this month’s Technology Futures column, Mike Volker takes a look at some innovative developments in the financing arena and how can enjoy phenomenal leverage when investing in the tech sector. In the past month, we’ve had two budgets tabled – by the Province of B.C. and the Le Gouvernement du Canada. Mike will also look at their impact on the tech sector.

Jan 10, 2005: Tech Outlook 2005: Prognosis Good for Investors and Companies

In this month's Technology Futures, Mike Volker outlines  that there’s never been a better time for technology ventures, especially startups, and technology investors than right now, especially in Canada and here in B.C. in particular.


Nov 29, 2004: Entrepreneurship 101, Building Better Boards, and the Patent Game

In this month's Technology Futures, Mike Volker touches on three of his favorite topics - Entrepreneurship, Directorship, and Inventorship - with a view to providing some new insights - many of which he recently gleaned at the numerous workshops and conferences in which he participates.


October 1, 2004: Angels vs VCs, CPC Update, Telus New Ventures BC, Manning Awards, and 1188 W Georgia

In his Technology Futures column, Mike Volker takes a look at some of the brewing tensions between angel investors and venture capitalists and offers some guidance to entrepreneurs seeking early stage funding. An update on
the CPC program is also provided as a financing alternative. Finally, Mike reports on the results of the recent Telus New Ventures BC competition and the Manning Awards that are taking place in Vancouver this year - to recognize BC's innovators.


July 30, 2004: A New "Old" Funding Idea

In this month's Technology Futures, Mike Volker re-visits and old idea on how to give start-up entrepreneurs better access to capital to kick-start their ventures and pursue their dreams. It might even save taxpayers a few dollars while make financial support more broadly and equitably available.


June 4, 2004: Funding Startups

This month in Technology Futures, Mike Volker deals with the subject of financing startup ventures. What financing options are available to startups? This continues to be a major challenge for entrepreneurs. He'll take a look at how VCs and angels approach this and some of the issues. He also have an idea to share with you as to what could be done to mobilize more early stage capital. Mike also laments the loss of a great tech supporter on the Island, Colin Lennox.


April 30, 2004: What's up on the BC Tech Scene?

In this month’s column, Mike discusses the latest goings-on in the BC technology scene for those of us who have been working too hard to keep up with what’s been happening. Mike provides insight into the ASI and SCBC merger, Leading Edge BC formation, information on the Telus New Ventures Business Competition and Foreign Mergers & Aquisitions – are they good or bad?


February 20, 2004: Investment Climate in BC?

In last month's column, Mike Volker was very bullish on B.C. In this month's column, look at the investment climate in B.C. for tech companies (he's a little more reserved especially after some disappointing news concerning the Province's popular VCC tax credit program). Is B.C. still open for business? Mike also talks to the Rocket Builders folks to highlight a few promising stars in the IT sector.


January 9, 2004: Bullish on BC!

In his first column for 2004, Mike explains why he's so bullish on the tech sector in British Columbia and why he believes that it's one of the best places in the world to build your technology venture.


November 21, 2003: Angel Investing 101

In this month's column, Mike will focus on the business of angel investing. B.C.'s new tax credits will give entrepreneurs greater access to capital while also admitting smaller investors into the game. 


October 17, 2003: New Corporations Act Explained (Cont'd)

In this month's Technology Futures, Mike Volker continues his dialog with Herb Ono of Clark Wilson, regarding the changes in the B.C. Corporations Act - drilling down and getting quite specific. Mike also provides an update on some recent tech financings showing that lots of deals are getting done. Amusingly, in light of Silent Witness's $83 million takeover by Honeywell, learn what Silent's Rob Bakshi said about his company's stock price back in 1996.


September 19, 2003: New Corporations Act Explained 

This month's Technology Futures column is mainly about the legal and regulatory environment in which B.C. companies operate. Mike Volker interviews Herb Ono of the law firm of Clark, Wilson who will shed some light on the major changes relating to two Acts: the Securities Act and the new Business Corporations Act. With the increased emphasis on proper corporate governance, it is necessary for company directors and executives to be familiar with these changes.


August 22, 2003: Capital Formation, Bye Bye BBX - Hello CNQ, Easy Money, Recent Financings, and Updates

This month, Mike Volker's Technology Futures column is mainly about accessing capital, some of the new funds and exchanges to help facilitate the raising of money, the rules associated therewith and finally, some recent financing deals.


June 20, 2003: Financing Innovative B.C., Recent Financings, Tech Awards, and Updates 

In this month's Technology Futures, Mike Volker comments on the B.C. innovation climate noting that both Venture Capital funding and support for research and development is improving. What's missing, though, is early-stage funding that's required to take R&D results to the point of being VC bankable. Read up on how that's about to change thanks to some new initiatives underway.


May 2, 2003: Prescription for a Junior Capital Market, Recent Financings, Capital Pool Corps Update and VEF Events

In this month's Technology Futures, Mike Volker takes a look at the junior public market in Canada and offers a prescription for what's needed to make it work. It entails taking two good ideas - one from B.C. and one from Ontario. He also notes some recent financings to give encouragement to those entrepreneurs who believe that there's no money out there.


April 4, 2003: Innovation Nation, Innovative Dell, Some Recent Financings, Capital Pool Corps Update and VEF Events

In Technology Futures, Mike Volker comments on some speeches made by technology entrepreneurs. Michael Dell's talk to the Board of Trade demonstrated how thinking big can lead to success while a TIA breakfast with Leonard Brody, author of Innovation Nation, accompanied by a few notable entrepreneurs, pointed to Canada's successes and untold secrets.


March 7, 2003: Budgets' Impact on Techs, VC Update, Capital Pool Corps Update and VEF Events

In Technology Futures this month, Mike Volker sizes up the recent Budgets and what they mean for startup companies raising capital. He notes that by combining Federal and Provincial perks, tech investors can invest with 30 cent dollars. He also provides a VC update and with regard to a recent VEF presentation, notes that there are other investing alternatives for the tech entrepreneur.


Febuary 14, 2003: Is there any money out there? Capital Pool Corps Update and Local Events

In this month's Technology Futures column, Mike Volker takes a look at the B.C. financing scene with some insights as to what angels, VCs and other investors have done - and what they could do - for technology companies. Is there any money out there? You might be in for a pleasant surprise!


January 3, 2003: 2002 Winners & Losers, Financing Outlook, Access to Capital, Capital Pool Corps Update, Local Events and Footnotes

In Technology Futures this month, Mike Volker takes a quick look back at BC's top tech companies to see how they performed for investors. Unfortunately, it's not a pretty picture. The challenge is in picking the winners for 2003. Mike also comments on the outlook for private financings and the access to capital problem.


December 6, 2002: Better Boards Build Better Businesses, Innovation and Competition, Innovative Early Stage Funding, Capital Pool Corps Update, Local Events and Footnotes

In Technology Futures, Mike Volker summarizes some of the key points on better board practices as heard at a recent SFU/Catalyst seminar titled, "Better boards build better businesses". Need R&D money? Now you can offer your investors a 141% return even if your project fails! This may be the way to fund some of these tough-to-finance wacky ideas. Learn how in this month's column.


November 1, 2002: The Great Options Debate, Corp Gov for Tech Companies, Is Capital in Short Supply (where are the angels)? Tech Bets, Capital Pool Corps Update, Local Events and Footnotes

In this month’s column, Mike Volker sheds some light on the great options debate noting that Canadians appear more willing than Americans to succumb to the call for expensing stock option grants. However, what's not well understood or agreed to, is HOW this will be done.


October 4, 2002: Enthusiasm and Optimism Prevail, More on Options and Compensation, Capital Pool Corps Update, Local Events and Footnotes

September has been a very busy month for people involved in the technology industry. There have been numerous forums and events dealing with the future of our industry. In Technology Futures, Mike Volker takes a look at some of these and stresses the need for better metrics and the need to get consensus on specific goals and targets.


September 6, 2002:  Crusade against Options, Outrageous Salaries, Capital Pool Corps Update, Local Events and Footnotes

In this month's Technology Futures, Mike Volker goes on a crusade to abolish stock options. A former fan of options, Mike is now a converted anti-optionist. He also goes on the attack against inflated executive compensation - especially in unproven companies, suggesting we get back to good old basics


August 9, 2002: Look at the Bright Side, R&D Downturn, New Tax Credit Proposal, A "Junior Junior" Exchange?, Capital Pool Corps Update, and Local Events

In Technology Futures this month, Mike Volker takes a look at the bright side of tech investing and comments on the downturn in R&D spending, a new B.C. tax credit investment proposal - hot off the press, and the Toronto Stock Exchange's idea of creating an even more junior stock exchange than the TSX Venture Exchange.


July 5, 2002: Prime Time for Corporate Scams, Bootstrapping's the way to go, BBX Debuts, Capital Pool Corps Update, and Local Events

In Technology Futures this month, Mike Volker compares what's happening in Corporate America to what happened in Vancouver when the U.S. media labeled Vancouver as the "scam capital of the world". The fallout means tougher times for tech companies seeking capital in a skittish market. Although new initiatives such as the BBX stock market are forging ahead, it still means that in the short term, CEOs have to get back to business basics and bootstrap their way to success. Mike also provides an update to Capital Pool companies.


June 7, 2002: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, CATA Index, Silicon Valley Report, TSX vs BBX, Capital Pool Corps Update, and Local Events.

In Tech Futures, Mike Volker discusses various initiatives relating to Canada's Innovation Agenda and suggests that the real weak link is entrepreneurship - or lack thereof. He also reports on Silicon Valley and some of the interesting happenings down there.


May 3, 2002: Outlook, Premier's Technology Council 2nd Report, Rx for CDNX is TSX (what's BBX), Investment Opportunities, Capital Pool Corps Update, and Local Events.

In May's issue of Technology Futures, Mike Volker covers a lot of ground - discussing the outlook for B.C. tech companies with reference to the Fed's $32.3 million support. This, along with work done by the Premier's Technology Council will help in the growth of our industry. Perhaps the TSX's new branding strategy will help too - especially the junior tech companies that need more investors. He also singles out a few companies which have been in the news lately that might be worth taking a look at.


April 5, 2002: Capital Raising Made Easier, Small Cap Opportunities, Capital Pool Corps Update, and Local Events

In this month's Technology Futures, Mike Volker highlights the recent progress made by the BC Securities Commission with its de-regulation initiative. It's good news for tech companies, especially startups, because there are now fewer restrictions impeding capital formation. Mike also notes that, as the economy starts to turn, the time is ripe for a second look at those cheap microcap B.C. tech ventures.


March 1, 2002: A Better Tax Call, Eight IT Stock Picks, New Regs Coming, Canadian dollar will keep falling, Capital Pool Corps Update, and Local Events

In this month's Technology Futures column, Mike Volker picks eight infotech stocks as investment targets, highlighting one - Infowave Software - as an example of "extreme financing" - possibly more thrilling than the Olympics. He also argues for a more balanced approach in our taxation policy, i.e. income vs investment, especially in light of the poor timing of income tax cuts and the tech sector slowdown. Finally, he comments on new securities regulations and the future of the Canadian dollar.


January 25, 2002: Outlook 2002, BCSC is Listening, Capital Pool Corps Update, an RRSP Idea and Local Events

In his first column this year, Mike Volker takes a big picture view of the high technology industry in B.C. He provides some interesting data on the growth of this industry sector and takes a look at future growth prospects and some of the exciting new initiatives that are taking place in the province.


December 28, 2001: A Look Back at 2001, CPC Update and Coming Events

In his final column for 2001, Mike Volker takes a look back at 2001 recapping some of the highlights from his articles over the past year. He takes this opportunity to wish all readers a prosperous 2002!


December 14, 2001: Eschewing Obfuscation, Year End Checklist, The Innovation Agenda, Good Buys, CPC Comments &  Update, and Coming Events

In Technology Futures, Mike Volker attempts to eschew obfuscation by trying to figure out which of our B.C. tech companies are making money these days. Then, to help you make some money, he presents a list of six year-end tax planning tips which you still have time to act on. And finally, he mentions a few "new" local companies that you might want to bet on right now.


November 30, 2001:  Creo joins Billion Dollar Club, CDNX Survivability, Corporate Governance Report, Good Buys, CPC Comments and Update, and Coming Events.

This week, Mike notes that the B.C. tech industry now has its own billion dollar club and welcomes its first member. He comments on changes at the CDNX and expresses concerns over its possible demise. The final report on corporate governance has been released and is a must-read. In addition to making a few stock picks, Mike offers some thoughts - and an update - on Capital Pool companies.


November 16, 2001:  CDNX Liquidity Woes, Good Buys, Fresh Air at the Commission, Capital Pool Corps Update, and Coming Events

This week's Technology Futures column by Mike Volker addresses some of the CDNX liquidity woes with a few simple, but substantial, recommendations. There are some positive changes in the works at the Securities Commission which will make life easier for entrepreneurs and investors with respect to capital formation. As for "hot tips", some good buys in the local tech sector are highlighted.


November 2, 2001: Accessing Capital, Capital Pool Corps Update, and Coming Events

In Technology Futures, Mike Volker looks at the present climate for technology financings. If you're an entrepreneur or tech investor, you'll find some interesting ideas and tidbits on accessing – and preserving - capital. Although public companies and companies wishing to go public are having a tough time, private companies and even many public ones are still managing to raise new equity. It may not be as bad as you think!


October 19, 2001: What's an Entrepreneur?, NewMIC Opens for Business, Vancouver's HOT 5, Capital Pool Corps Update, and Coming Events

In Technology Futures, Mike Volker addresses the question, "What is an Entrepreneur". He presents some of his thinking on this fascinating subject having observed hundreds of them over his 30-year business career. Mike also mentions the opening of NewMIC, Vancouver's HOT 5 companies and a few other amusing thoughts.


October 5, 2001: Picking Winners, Capital Pool Corps Update, and Coming Events 

This has been a very entrepreneurial week. In Tech Futures, Mike Volker talks about some of the events of the past few days which have focused on entrepreneurship. He offers some thoughts on what "it" takes to be one and how investors might spot one.


September 21, 2001: Confidence Shaken, What's Up, Technology Financings, Capital Pool Corps Update, and Coming Events

In his Technology Futures column, Mike Volker comments on the real problem behind our falling market - the confidence factor - and what we can do about it. He identifies some companies and sectors which may perform well under the current American crisis. He also provides an update on local financings and draws attention to some exciting forthcoming events in the local tech community.


September 7, 2001: Corporate Governance, Insider Reporting, Technology Financings, New Stock Exchange, Worth Mentioning and Capital Pool Corps Update

In his Technology Futures column, Mike Volker comments on Corporate governance practices and the recent report issued by the Joint Committee on Corporate Governance and where you can learn more about this interesting subject. He also notes that insider trading reporting is finally going on-line. Additionally, you can find out about the latest new stock exchange, get an update on technology financings, and be informed about some upcoming local events.


August 24, 2001: Silicon Valley Blues, Miscellaneous Musing, Technology Financings, Capital Pool Corps Update

In Technology Futures, Mike Volker sings some Silicon Valley Blues and points out why cash (not P/E which is an almost useless measure these days) should be the tech investor's most important criterion. He notes, with examples, that tech financings continue in spite of tough times. He also reflects on the Premier's recently announced Technology council and muses over how the deficit could be eliminated.


July 27, 2001: Making a Quick Buck, Capital Pool Corps Update

In Technology Futures, Mike Volker responds to a reader's question about how to make a quick buck by investing in high tech companies. You might be surprised at what you'll find. Did you know that you can make almost risk-free high return investments in tech stocks? As usual, Mike provides an update to Capital Pool Companies.


June 29, 2001: Tax Freedom Day, R&D Pipeline, Corporate Performance, Capital Pool Corps Update

In Technology Futures, Mike Volker notes that today is Tax Freedom Day and he comments on the importance of corporate R&D in ensuring a tech companies long term success. He also identifies an interesting Ontario technology sales company with a B.C. connection which just reported a dividend of $.80 yet is trading below $5.00.


June 15, 2001: Invest in Spin-Offs, Misc Musings, Capital Pool Corps Update and Events Update

In this edition of Technology Futures, Mike Volker's feature story is on B.C. University spin-off companies - who they are, how you can invest in them and why they're a good bet. In his miscellaneous musings, you'll find some amusing tidbits of information - like which Canadian company Bill Gates is getting his best ROI on, some hot Fathers Day gadgets, and a few other investment tips and ideas.


June 1, 2001: Market Terminology for Dummies, Picking Some Winners, OTCBB Re-Sales now OK, Capital Pool Corps Update and Events Update

In his regular Technology Futures column, Mike Volker presents some stock "picks" as selected by a number of Simon Fraser University engineering students. Looking for any speculative insights? Think again. Wondering what some market terms really mean? If so, check out his "Market Terminology for Dummies" glossary.


May 18, 2001: AGM Time, New Promise for BC, Canadian Outlook, Capital Pool Corps Update and Events Update

This week in Technology Futures, Mike Volker provides some insights on corporate annual general meetings and how investors can participate. He also comments on the BC and Canadian economic outlook in the wake of our recent election and good news from Paul Martin.


May 4, 2001: Financings are Alive, Capital Pool Corps Update and Local Happenings

In Technology Futures this week, Mike Volker takes a look at junior financing activities on the CDNX as well as the recently announced funding for Westport Technologies noting that financings are not as dead as many observers seem to think. He also makes some follow up comments on his concerns about the CDNX and the regulatory burdens faced by companies.


April 20, 2001: CDNX-Making it Work, Capital Pool Corps Update and Local Happenings

In Technology Futures, Mike Volker takes a look at the CDNX's future and what's in store for its companies. Will the Eastern Establishment make it easier for companies to access growth capital? He suggests that major reform is needed in order to create an environment in which junior public companies can get access to the capital needed to make them grow.


April 6, 2001: Angels fly in BC, Trading the BC Techs, Capital Pool Corps Update and Local Happenings

In Technology Futures this week, Mike Volker talks about the state of Angel investing in B.C. and its contribution to the growth of the tech sector. Being an eternal optimist, he comments on how well BC Tech companies have performed over the past three years and how an exchange-traded BC tech index might have provided a fun ride.


March 23, 2001: Markets to Rally, A New Canadian Exchange?, Capital Pool Corps Update and Local Happenings

In Technology Futures this week, Mike Volker provides his optimistic comments for a market rally and the abundance of "penny stocks". He also talks about the prospects for a merged TSE and CDNX stock exchange. Finally, he draws attention to some very interesting upcoming local events.


March 9, 2001: Stimulating a Tech Rally, Stock Option Woes, New Ventures BC,  Capital Pool Corps Update and Local News

This week in Tech Futures, Mike Volker takes a broad look at what is needed to stimulate a tech rally in the markets. He proposes a simple tax incentive scheme to give an investment boost to Canadian companies to keep the economy from retreating. A brand-new made-in-B.C. business competetion initiaitve, New Ventures BC is featured in this column. Mike also discusses some of the on-going problems associated with Stock Options. Some local news and CPC updates are covered as well.


February 9, 2001: The ASI Exchange, New B.C. Tech Indexes, Market Commentary and Capital Pool Corps Update                        

In his Technology Futures column, Mike Volker raves about The ASI Exchange, B.C.'s upcoming premiere technology event. Here's an opportunity to network with the who's who of B.C. high tech. Mike also notes that there are now three different B.C. technology stock indexes tracking local performance - a big change from a few years ago when no one even noticed!


January 26, 2001: Winning on CDNX, Software Acquisitions Boom and Capital Pool Corps Update  

In Technology Futures, Mike Volker takes another look at the CDNX and the role it plays in building winning companies. Some of its many success stories are highlighted. In contrast to public financings, he comments on merger and acquisition activity in the software sector. As a footnote, Mike laments our industry's less-than ambitious goals for increasing R&D in B.C.


January 12, 2001: Market Commentary, What to Buy?, Hedging your Bets with Collars, and Capital Pool Corps Update           

This week, Mike reflects on current market sentiments and identifies some buying opportunities, especially the overlooked and potentially lucrative Internet Notes offered by the Business Development Bank. He also explains how Put/Call collars can be used by holders of large stock position as insurance against capital losses.


December 29, 2000: B.C. Tech Market Strong, IPO's in 2000, Capital Pool Corps Update

This week, Mike sums up some of the market action over the past year with respect to B.C.'s corporate performance. He comments on the reasons behind his enthusiasm and optimism regarding the future outlook for B.C.'s technology sector.


December 15, 2000: Market Commentary,  Christmas Stock-ing Stuffers, Orphans Orphans, IPO Watch, Capital Pool Corps Update       

This week, in Technology Futures, Mike Volker offers some Christmas Stock Stocking stuffer suggestions as well as some general guidelines on how to spot and avoid "orhpans". In his "IPO Watch", he makes some interesting observations concerning Canadian and American IPOs.


December 1, 2000: Market Commentary, Nasdaq-Canada, BC Business Summit, IPO Watch, Capital Pool Corps Update                         

This week, Mike identifies the public companies which rank among BC's top 100 revenue producing firms in the tech sector. He also comments on the entry of Nasdaq into Canada and how the CDNX and junior companies could benefit from this. Mike also presents a simple idea to stimulate investment - a common theme at the recent BC Business Summit.


November 17, 2000: Market Commentary, CDNX vs VC Financings, How to Trade Junior Equities, IPO Watch, Capital Pool Corps Update   

This week, Mike takes a look at some junior pubco financings on the CDNX and compares these to private VC deals being done in Canada. He also provides some tips on how to trade junior equities along with an IPO update.


November 3, 2000: Stock Contributions, Stock Commentary, Warrants or Options?, IPO Watch, Capital Pool Corps Update           

This week, Mike comments on how high tech entrepreneurial successes can benefit society through the use of a very favorable tax incentive. His stock commentary focuses on the impact of Nortel and the near term market outlook. He also identifies some exciting upcoming IPOs.


October 20, 2000: Good Tax News, High Tech ETIFs, Stock Commentary, IPO Watch, Capital Pool Corps Update          

This week, Mike takes a look at the mini-budget and it's impact on high tech entrepreneurs and investors. In addition to his tock commentary, Mike also identifies a few ETIFs for tech investors as well as mentioning some companies benefiting from the Fuel Cells Canada Initiative.


October 6, 2000: Futures and Taxes, CCRA disqualifies OTCBB stocks, Stock Commentary, IPO Watch, Capital Pool Corps Update       

This week, Mike has some good news for high tech execs on the tax front - if you vote for Gordon Campbell. He also notes that Canada Customs and Revenue Agency is disqualifying OTCBB stocks from RRSPs. A number of reader-suggested stock picks are mentioned as are a few pending local IPOs.


September 8, 2000: American - Canadian Deals, What's Up, IPO Watch, Capital Pools Update 

Mike Volker writes this week on the relative value of Canadian R&D and Companies to US acquirers and provides an update on junior markets, recent ipo's and capital pool corporation activity. Read his column today on the front page of T-Net.


August 11, 2000: The Past/Future Dichotomy, Abatis tops HotHaus, IPO Watch, CPC Done Deals & Capital Pool Corps Update                   

This week, Mike Volker ponders how technology stocks on one hand are priced on the basis of future expectations (hence the name of this column, "Technology Futures") yet on the other hand markets determine pricing (especially in the short term) on the basis of past performance. 


July 28, 2000: When to go Public, CDNX Tech Financing Stats, IPO Watch, & Capital Pool Corps Update  

This week, Mike Volker discusses the disadvantages and advantages of taking a company from private to public and notes that going public early seems to work well for firms where future earnings are more distant and where the risks and rewards are much greater.


July 14, 2000: Good Buys, Listing Rules, T-Net20 Update, PMC Sierra's Sixth Deal, IPO Watch - Chromos Molecular, Capital Pool Corps, Footnotes  

This week, Mike Volker speaks mainly on technology stocks: good choices in terms of longterm appreciation, quick money makers and unknown startups.  Promotion is stressed as the key for a company's success when listing on TSE, CDNX or NASDAQ.


June 30, 2000: Shady Dealings, Weekend Reading, IPO Watch, Capital Pool Corps, Footnotes    

This week, Mike Volker discusses the countless scam style dealings ranging from the RT Capital controversy over high closing practices to slaps on many brokers' wrists in unrelated dealings at many of our local brokerage firms. 


June 16, 2000: Conflicts of Interest, IPO Watch - Discovery Capital, Capital Pool Corps, Events & High Tech Stats         

This week, Mike Volker  discusses the problems many companies have when trying to raise  seed capital.  Should they allow brokers to buy in? Insider dealing is considered acceptable provided that there be a balance between the two goals of facilitating capital formation and protecting the investing public. 


June 2, 2000: Aquisitions, IPO Watch, Capital Pool Corps Demystified, Events & Footnotes     

This week, Mike Volker briefly announces some IPO's to watch for but mainly focuses on Capital Pool Companies - What they are, how they work, features of etc.


May 19, 2000:  Stock Options Explained, NewMIC is born, IPO Watch, Capital Pool Corp Update, Events and Footnotes                                

This Week, Mike Volker explains stock options in detail and drops a not so subtle hint regarding a prominent BC technology company to watch in the next few weeks.


May 5, 2000: ILOVEYOUtoo, CDNX as Nasdaq North?, Keeping the CDNX clean, Capital Pool Corp Update, Events & Footnotes

This week, Mike Volker talks about the horrible I Love You Virus as well as how the CDNX is considered Nasdaq North.


April 20, 2000: Market Commentary, New Escrow Rules, Buying Opportunities, Capital Pool Corp Update, Events & Footnotes
Mike Volker shares his optimistic comments regarding the recent market turmoil and suggests that stocks are up, not down! Mike discusses the new regulations regarding escrow rules and provides some insight into potential investment opportunities and updates to events, tips on tax filing and CPC. Read his column on the front page of T-Net today.


April 7, 2000: Market Commentary, Small Caps, Company News, Capital Pool Corp Update, Upcoming Events
Mike Volker discusses this week's turmoil in the technology markets and suggests that junior technology stocks are a good investment. Mike comments on BC technology news regarding Creo Products, Absolute Software and NetNation Communications and updates to CPC's and events.


March 24, 2000: Market Commentary, Investor Protection, Capital Pool Update
Mike Volker this week comments on recent turmoil in the technology markets and outlines some potential opportunities in e-learning, the internet, LEAPS and VCP's. Read his column on the front page of T-Net today.


March 10, 2000: Trading Frenzy, Best Way to Spend a Million, Budget Positives, New ways to Play the Markets, Hot Penny Stocks, Capital Pool Corps
This week Mike Volker suggests that everything high tech is 'hot' and this enthusiasm is reflected in the difficulty experienced when attempting to web trade or place stock orders. Mike provides suggestions on how to spend a million and benefit financially. Comments on recently released budget, new ideas on how to play the Internet, Stock tips and updates to CPC and VCP.


February 25, 2000: CDNX is Hot, Sudden Wealth Syndrome, How to play the Internet, Capital Pool Corps Update
This week Mike Volker discusses the growth of the CDNX index as it climbs to over 3600 from 2000 since its launch on November 29th, 1999. Mike highlights a local hot technology company, Absolute Software Corporation, as a probable IPO on the CDNX and comments on Sudden Wealth Syndrome, Internet incubators and Updates to CPC.


February 11, 2000: BC. Tech Stocks Performance, Public Company Listing, Rx for the Options Headache, Capital Pool Corps
This week Mike Volker provides some insight on why publicly traded technology companies are performing so well, as the T-Net 20 High Tech Stock Index soars past the 6500 mark and as investor interest increases especially for companies involved in Biotech, Internet and Wireless technology. Mike provides updates to VCP and CPC, comments on Stock Option concerns and a list of over 100 publicly traded BC based technology companies.


December 31, 1999: Taking Stock of High Tech in B.C., Investments and VCP Updates
Mike Volker reflects on past year accomplishments of the high technology companies in BC and identifies how this success can be maintained for the future. Mike provides updates to investments on the T-Net20, starter portfolio and VCP.


December 17, 1999: Stock Option Headaches, Last Minute Christmas Options, Junior Portfolio Update, T-Net20 Valuations,  and VCP Updates
This week Mike Volker discusses the trials and tribulations that stock options can bring a high tech employee as well as the potential negative impact that it can have on the company's share price. Mike provides some insight into the T-Net20 valuations as the index exceeds the 3000 mark this month and updates to VCP, Junior Portfolio and a few suggestions for the last minute Xmas shopper.


December 3, 1999: CDNX Opens, T-Net20 and VCP Updates
This week Mike Volker discusses the opening of the CDNX and provides updates to the T-Net20 and VCP. Read his column on the front page of T-Net today.


November 19, 1999: Justifying High Valuations, Next New Thing, New Stock Markets and VCP Updates
This week Mike Volker provides some insight on why Internet companies are over-valued. Mike suggests that ASP maybe the future innovation for Internet and provides updates on the launch of new Stock Markets and VCP.


November 5, 1999: Junior Financings, An Investment Incentive Idea, A Case Study, T-Net20 and Venture Capital Pool (VCP) Updates
This week Mike Volker discusses the near arrival of the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX) as a potential benefit to junior BC high tech companies and investors and provides insightful advice for both parties regarding trading and investing in this junior market. Read his column on the front page of T-Net today.


October 22, 1999: People make the difference (but how do you check them out?), Updates
Mike Volker reiterates his belief that good management is the key to building a successful company and provides suggestions on potential people-related research tools. Read his column on the front page of T-Net today.


October 8, 1999: Picking Some Winners, Quebec vs CDNX, T-Net20 Update, New Capital Pool Corps announced
This week Mike Volker selects BC stock winners, Creo Products, Forbes Medi-Tech and MDSI Mobile Data Solutions and suggests that their success is due to their effective management abilities. Mike questions Quebec's reluctance to join the CDNX and hopes this will not affect its formation and provides updates to the T-Net20 as Creo and Pivotal are placed in the top 5 this month.


September 24, 1999: Pink Sheets, Updates on New Media, Portfolio and VCPs
This week Mike Volker provides some history behind the evolution of the 'Pink Sheets' as companies trading on the OTC-BB exchange become 'reporting issuers'. Updates to BC based public companies in New Media, portfolio and VCP. Read his column on the front page of T-Net today.


September 10, 1999: Canadian Venture Exchange, Spotlight on NewMedia, Portfolio and VCP Updates
Mike Volker discusses the possible confusion that may arise due to the naming of the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX) and welcomes the arrival as a potential benefit to the technology sector. Also, Mike defines New Media and highlights BC companies like Radical Entertainment and Electronic Arts as leaders of a 'hot' new growth area in technology.


August 27, 1999: Beware of OTC Stocks, IPO Performance, Portfolio and VCP Updates
Mike Volker suggests that investors should exercise caution when considering investing in companies trading on the OTC-BB and highlights Starnet Communications as an example of one such company that trades on an 'exchange' that lacks regulation and standards. Read his column on the front page of T-Net today.


August 13, 1999: Mike's on Vacation....but here's a quick update...
This week Mike Volker discusses the successful entrance of Pivotal Corporation and Creo Products to the public market. Mike provides a brief update on his original 'investment' using the " Starter" BC technology portfolio as well as updates to the Venture Capital Pools chart.


July 30, 1999: CREO's Hot IPO and other deals, Technology Portfolio Update, VCP Update
This week, Mike Volker discusses Creo Products first successful day of trading (July 29). Mike provides some useful insight for investors on opportunities to look out for in BC Technology companies and uses the recently launched Technology Portfolio as a guide. Lastly, Mike introduces four new BC companies to the VCP, including, Empress Capital, ExFund (A)Capital, First Step Ventures and GentechCapital.


July 16, 1999: A Technology Portfolio to get you started, Pivotalâs IPO, VCP Update
Mike Volker discusses the T-Net 20 as an effective index for structuring an investment portfolio. He addresses the question of how to invest modestly in the BC Technology industry and launches a new portfolio of BC technology stocks to track. Mike also provides further information on Pivotal Corporations upcoming IPO and updates to the Venture Capital Pools chart.


July 2, 1999: T-Net list updated, New listings, VC Info, and VCP Update
Mike Volker this week outlines progress in the T-Net 20 High Tech Stock Index. Inflazyme Pharmecuticals, Epic Data International and ID Biomedical have been replaced in the index by three new entrants with higher market capitalization; Sierra Wireless, Sideware Systems and Burnt Sand Solutions. Mike also provides profiles of 5 BC technology companies who have recently gone public, including; Biomax Technologies, International Bio Recovery, Imagis Technologies and SoftCare EC.COM. Read his column on the front page of T-Net today.


June 18, 1999: T-Net20 Breaks 2000, Company AGMs, Private Placements, VCP Update.
Mike Volker this week discusses the role of private placements for BC technology companies and suggests that Annual General Meetings are a great place to learn more about potential technology investment opportunities. He also outlines progress in the T-Net 20 High Tech Stock Index as it soars past 2000 for the first time (a 100% gain in 18 months. Read his column on the front page of T-Net today.


May 25, 1999: CREO's IPO is a Go, More IPO's and a VCP Update
Mike Volker outlines the case for upside when one of BC's largest and fastest growing technology companies, CREO Products, hits the market for a potential blockbuster IPO later this summer. He argues that underwriters have driven a hard bargain on CREO's valuation, leaving room for upside potential for early investors. He also comments on recent and pending IPO's for Sierra Wireless, Multiactive Software, Pivotal Software and medEra Life Sciences Corp.


May 7, 1999: A Closer Look at Some Locals;VCP Commentary and Update
Mike Volker this week points out two local public technology companies (Rainmaker Entertainment and Marine BioProducts) that he believes have the potential to build successful businesses and long term shareholder value for investors. He also points to two hot local technology companies (CREO Products and Sierra Wireless) now appearing on the radar screen for near term potential IPO's.

April 9, 1999: New Exchange good for Tech Stocks; Internet Stocks seen as "area plays"; VCP Update
Mike Volker looks at the coming VSE/ASE merger and explains why he thinks it is a good thing and what he hopes it will look like. He also suggests that we may be in the midst of an Internet "area play," and suggests that local companies such as Sideware Systems, Electric Mail and Infowave Software, may be worth looking at.

March 26, 1999: VCP Companies Offer Excellent "Ground Floor" Opportunities
Mike Volker looks at BC Venture Capital Pool companies (VCP's). He explains what they are, how they work and why they should be considered by investors.

March 13, 1999: Informed Investing by Networking
Mike Volker looks at networking as a tool for making informed investment decisions and suggests that events, such as the recent ASI Exchange, are ideal places to conduct this form of networking.

February 27, 1999: Betting on Biotech
Mike Volker looks at the biotechnology industry in BC and the companies which make up that industry - companies like QLT Phototherapeutics, Forbes Medi-Tech, Angiotech Pharmaceuticals and several others.

February 13, 1999: Stocks are like the weather..if you don't like it, wait a few minutes.
Mike Volker takes a look at a few companies whose shares have been hit with bad news reports - companies like Sierra Systems Group and Epic Data. He also introduces some perhaps less well known local BC technology companies which may be worth looking out for.

January 15, 1999: Getting in early may have its rewards
Mike Volker takes a look at a few BC technology companies where it may still be possible to get in early and make a good investment. Among his picks are Infowave Software, Axion Communications, SCS Solars Computing and ID Internet Direct.

January 15, 1999: What's Hot and How to Spot.

January 1, 1999: Tech companies will shine in '99.
Mike Volker gives us an overview of his wishes and predictions for the BC high tech sector in 1999. Among the local companies featured in this week's article are Creo, Burnt Sands and Sierra Systems Group.

December 12, 1998: Junior Exchanges can lead small companies to big results..
Mike Volker profiles two successful companies - Burnt Sand Solutions Inc., and Silent Witness Enterprises Ltd., - which started out by listing on junior Canadian exchanges and have now graduated to the more senior Toronto Stock Exchange.

November 27, 1998: Betting on the latest "I.C." Technology
Mike Volker discusses the ins and outs of investing in high flying Internet companies and suggests some good investment candidates here in Canada.

November 14, 1998: Tech Investing 101
Mike Volker discusses the criteria he uses to invest in BC technology companies and profiles current investment opportunities in Spectrum Signal Processing and dba Telecom Corp.

October 27, 1998: High Tech - The Latest "Resource Play" on Howe Street and Bay Street
Mike focusses on exposing potential investment opportunities in emerging publicly-listed technology companies or "little orphans".